On the 13th of September 2004, the Gay Kingdom declared war on Australia. This also means that the Kingdom sees itself as an independent country. The independence is based on the fact that Australia is guilty of “unjust enrichment,” because of the government’s plan to amendment the marriage act so as to prevent homosexual couples who were married overseas to have their relationship recognised. The law of “Unjust Enrichment” states: “If something is unjustly taken compensation must be made.

The Gay activist are of the opinion that the change in the marriage law has taken from homosexual people the right to be treated equally, “wether it be marriage, superannuation, hospital visits, adoption or IVF treatments.” Instead of financial compensation the activists have chosen “territorial compensation” by establishing an independent gay state on a scattering of tropical islands in the Coral Sea, with the capitol of Heaven on Cato Island.

The initiative for the founding of a gay kingdom was taken during the Brisbane Gay and Lesbian Pride festival and the Coral Sea Islands seemed a perfect location because of a twist in international law that states “Oppressed people of overseas territories have a right to self government and self determination”. For a long time these islands were administered as an overseas territory of England, but from the sixties they were administered from Australia by the Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories as an overseas external territory of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Under the Untied Nations and International Law external overseas territories of all governments have the legal right to self government and self determination. The Coral Sea Island are international recognised by the government of Australia and by all nations and by the United Nations as an external overseas territory of Australia and as Australia has passed into legislation homophobic laws that clearly discriminate against its homosexual people the gay and lesbian activists presumes that the full force of International Law applies to the Kingdoms Independence.

The activists also presume that neither England nor Australia has any rights to the Coral Sea Islands, because both governments are unable to provide to the gay government any recording of anyone formally proclaiming the Coral Sea Islands as part of the British/Australian Crown.

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom formally raised the gay rainbow pride flag on Cato Island on the 14th of June 2004 and declared the territory an independent gay and lesbian state, a memorial plaque on the north eastern tip of Cato Island commemorates this historic event and reads:

On the 14th day of June 2004, at this highest point in the Coral Sea, Emperor Dale Parker Anderson raised the gay rainbow flag and claimed the islands of the Coral Sea in his name as homeland for the gay and lesbian peoples of the world. God Save our King!

Declaration of Independence

The kingdom’s Declaration of Independence, signed by the sovereign Dale R and sent to the Prime Minister and Governor General of Australia starts with a clear statement: “Homosexual people have honestly endeavoured everywhere to merge ourselves in the social life of surrounding communities and to be treated equally. We are not permitted to do so. In vain we are loyal patriots, our loyalty in some places running to extremes; in vain do we make the same sacrifices of life and property as our fellow citizens; in vain do we strive to increase the fame of our native land in science and art, or her wealth by trade and commerce. In countries where we have lived for centuries, we are still cried down as strangers... In the world as it is now and for an indefinite period... I think we shall not be left in peace.”

The gay & lesbian government think this analysis sufficient reason for an independent gay and lesbian homeland, since - the sovereigns words resemble the American Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The Sovereign Dale

The sovereign of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom is Dale Parker Anderson, who is directly descendant from the murdered gay King of England, Edward II (1284-1327) this makes the Sovereign distantly related to all the major royal houses of Europe.

Interesting, is the fact that one of Dale’s more recent forefathers was William Purcell of the HMAV Bounty, who was the first to visit and stay in the Coral Sea Islands in 1789, thereby giving some kind of legitimacy to the claims of the gay and lesbian government.

For many other things the founding fathers of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom have made use of many treasures from our (sub) cultural heritage. They’ve chosen the rainbow flag as the official flag, the pink triangle as the coat of arms, and Gloria Gaynor’s “I am what I am” as the national anthem. This song was written by Jerry Herman, “a long time public gay male,” who was made a Lord of the Gay Kingdom because “the gay and lesbian government is most honoured to have this song as the Kingdoms official national anthem.”

Why a Kingdom and not a Republic?

Dale was originally voted in as the administrator of the gay and lesbian government. Upon legal advice his title was changed to that of Sovereign on the grounds that under Australian law (Australia is a Kingdom) a defacto prince trying to claim his crown cannot be charged with treason, this law goes further and states in fact that anyone hindering a defacto prince or his supporters from obtaining his crown can themselves be charged with treason. To date this law has protected the Gay Sovereign and members of his government from Australian law and its legal system and courts. Had a republic model of government been chosen all the gay and lesbian activists could have been charged with treason and been bought before the Australian courts.

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