Welcome to Heaven

Regarded as the birthplace of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands, Heaven the camp site on Cato Island, the largest Island in the Kingdom was named on the 14th of June 2004 to commemorate the Sovereigns visit.

He wrote in the gay and lesbian government’s journal: “In this place from our camp ground you get to see the entire 3000 acre coral lagoon”.  They named the beautiful and secluded camp site on the northern tip of the island Heaven after the world’s most famous gay nightclub Heaven in London. “We all agreed that the name Heaven would be a wonderful name for the gay capital, and in honour of it we called this site Heaven.”

For today’s gay and lesbian traveller Heaven is a gay and lesbian camp site located in a beautiful and peaceful setting at the extreme northern tip of Cato Island that overlooks the Coral Sea and the islands coral lagoon. The area has great fishing, superb coral reef views and bird watching and is the closest place to access the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom from Australia. Cato Island is located 300 kilometres north east of Harvey Bay and sits atop the Tropic of Capricorn. Harvey Bay on the Fraser Coast in Australia has direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and provides all the facilities a gay and lesbian traveller requires, while the gay capital Heaven at the moment is delightfully under-developed, with little more than a weather station and camp site. From the gay capital

Snorkelling off the beach is a great place to enter the colourful underworld of the reef. The shallow waters allow those who are less experienced to get their confidence amidst beautiful corals, starfish and small fish. Snorkelling into the deeper waters is like entering a giant aquarium, which is home to over 1300 varieties of fish and 350 species of hard and soft corals. A highlight for most Gay and Lesbian visitors would be swimming with the graceful green and loggerhead turtles which can be seen all year round and learning that most of the marine life in the reef are transsexual, the clown fish, made famous by the Disney movie Finding Nemo is typical of many of the reef fish who change sex, when the dominate female dies a male clown fish changers his sex and takes her place. For a unique experience, visitors can camp in Heaven on Cato Island. With the only facility being the automated weather station, visitors need to be highly prepared and self sufficient with all supplies, including enough drinking water, food and fuel stove. Airline charter flights via the Royal Gay Mail plane operated by the gay and lesbian government can organise day trips and basic fresh supplies to be brought to the island on the days they are visiting.

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